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Car parts ball joint lower left ball joint

Short Description:

The car ball joint is the joint part of the link suspension and the balance bar, which mainly plays the role of transmitting the force of the car suspension and the balance bar. When the left and right wheels pass through the same bumps or holes on the road, the balance bar will not work. The torsion of the body produces anti-rolling resistance to restrain the body from rolling.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product grouping Chassis Parts
Product name Ball joint
Country of origin China
OE number T11-3401050BB
Package Chery packaging, neutral packaging or your own packaging
Warranty 1 year
MOQ 10 sets
Application Chery car parts
Sample order support
port Any Chinese port,wuhu or shanghai is best
Supply Capacity 30000sets/months

Symptoms of ball joint damage:
When driving on bumpy roads, it will make a cluttering noise.
The vehicle is unstable and swings left and right.
Brake deviation.
Direction failure.
Ball joint: also known as universal joint. It refers to the mechanical structure that uses spherical connection to realize power transmission of different shafts.
Function of automobile lower arm ball joint:
1. The lower arm of the vehicle is an important component of the chassis suspension system. It connects the body and the vehicle elastically. When the vehicle is running, the axle and the frame are elastically connected through the lower arm, so as to reduce the impact (force) caused by the road during driving, so as to ensure the ride comfort;
2. Attenuate the vibration caused by the elastic system and transmit the reaction force and torque from all directions (longitudinal, vertical or lateral), so as to make the wheel move relative to the vehicle body according to a certain track and play a certain guiding role;
3. Therefore, the lower arm plays a very important role in the comfort, stability and safety of the vehicle. It is one of the very important components of modern automobile.
The function of the ball joint of the steering rod the steering rod is an important part of the automobile steering mechanism. It directly affects the stability of the automobile handling, the safety of the operation and the service life of the tire. The steering tie rod is divided into two categories, namely, the steering straight tie rod and the steering tie rod. The steering tie rod undertakes the task of transmitting the movement of the steering rocker arm to the steering knuckle arm; The tie rod is the bottom edge of the steering trapezoidal mechanism and the key component to ensure the correct movement relationship between the left and right steering wheels. The pull rod ball head is a pull rod with a ball head housing. The ball head of the steering main shaft is placed in the ball head housing. The ball head is hinged with the edge of the shaft hole of the ball head housing through the ball head seat at the front end. The needle roller between the ball head seat and the steering main shaft is embedded in the groove of the inner hole surface of the ball head seat, which has the characteristics of reducing the wear of the ball head and improving the tensile strength of the main shaft.

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